Why Choose Us?

Care Begins with the Correct Diagnosis.

Northern Radiology Imaging and Northern Radiology Associates are available to discuss your patient’s exam.

Comfortable & Convenient Atmosphere.

Northern Radiology Imaging offers a comfortable and convenient atmosphere with a friendly staff and free parking.

Our Radiologists Bring Unrivaled Knowledge to Each Diagnosis.

Our Radiologists are comprised of board certified specialists and sub-specialists bringing an unrivaled level of clinical sophistication to your patients’ study.

Our Commitment to Safety and Excellence.

It is our commitment to safety and excellence that compels us to maintain the highest levels of technology available.

Our Site is American College of Radiology (ACR) Accredited.

All of our equipment must be rigorously tested for dose by radiation physicists, and the quality of our images is reviewed. We believe that we use the lowest possible doses to achieve a high level of accurate diagnosis. For instance, our dose in CT scanning is 60% BELOW that allowed by the ACR.

No Self-Referrals.

Northern Radiology exists to serve the medical community and all physicians who wish to refer. No referring physician has ownership. We are always available to consult with your physician as to the appropriateness of the requested imaging test; we constantly modify exam choice so that your care can be delivered effectively and economically (in terms of dose and cost).

Appointment Availability.

Our Radiology Scheduling Personnel work with your staff or patient to provide them with the most timely and convenient appointment. We can accommodate same day appointments in most cases.

Timely Delivery of Reports and Images.

Over 90% of studies are interpreted the day they are performed.

Accepted Insurance

Northern Radiology is pleased to accept an extensive list of insurances.