Northern Radiology Imaging Introduces Advanced Mammography Services July 2017

Watertown, NY, June 7, 2017– Northern Radiology Imaging is pleased to announce it will begin providing state-of-the-art mammography service with its recent purchase of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis equipment (also known as 3D Mammography). The advanced 3D detection service will be available to women this summer at Northern Radiology Imaging’s convenient outpatient office located at 1571 Washington Street, Suite 101, in Watertown. The location provides ample parking and accompanying this service will be modern, relaxing spa surroundings to make the mammography and any accompanying breast MRI or biopsy experience as pleasant as possible.

Breast tomosynthesis allows radiologists to detect 41% more invasive cancers than the traditional flat two-dimensional mammography image. This is because multiple images are produced of the breast at different angles which display fine details that might otherwise be hidden by tissue above and below on a flat image. Other benefits include a 40% reduction in the chance of call backs for additional views and while only 4 seconds longer, the technology produces many more images with less radiation.

Furthering detection capabilities, Northern Radiology Imaging also invests in an additional state-of-the-art technology called ImageChecker, a Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) system that serves as a “second pair of eyes” for our radiologists. CAD analyzes images and draws the radiologists’ attention to suspicious features thereby increasing the chances of earlier cancer detection. At Northern Radiology Imaging all mammograms are run through the CAD system giving its patients the most comprehensive breast cancer detection available.

Northern Radiology Imaging recognizes a woman’s need to have peace of mind regarding her results if an area of suspicion is identified. Any woman having a diagnostic mammogram, i.e. where there is suspicion of cancer vs. screening mammogram, has the opportunity to consult one-on-one with the radiologist after her exam. Further, if breast MRI or ultrasound is warranted, Northern Radiology Imaging has ultrasound available same day. Arriving shortly is a second breast ultrasound machine which will be state-of-the-art and already on site is Watertown’s first large bore 3T MRI scanner. Aside from being the latest in technology, Northern’s MRI will comfort patients with mood lighting, sounds, smells and sights. Finally, Northern Radiology will in the near future offer same day breast biopsy on site.

Northern Radiology Imaging is the leader and expert in meeting and providing imaging needs in a convenient outpatient setting since the 1980s. Its breast imaging team consists of board certified radiologists and mammography certified technologists whose expertise and skill are crucial in the accurate detection and successful treatment of breast cancer. By continuously offering competent and compassionate care combined with investment in the most advanced equipment available, such as breast tomosynthesis, computer aided detection, breast ultrasound and MRI, Northern Radiology is the first choice for women’s imaging—tell your doctor!


For more information, please call our office at 315-786-5000.

Northern Radiology Imaging- Women’s Imaging Center

Imagine yourself sipping on a glass of chilled anti-oxidant infused water.  In the background, you hear the sweet sounds of soft piano music.  The light scent of fresh lavender encompasses you, bringing your spirit down into a calm, relaxed state.   The ambient lighting and comfortable waiting area seem like an oasis in your otherwise busy day.

At Northern Radiology Imaging, we know that you spend your time taking care of all the important people in your life.  When you schedule an appointment for a mammogram at Northern Radiology Imaging, it’s our turn to take care of you.  We strive to provide our patients with a calm, relaxing atmosphere.   Mammograms are the single best tool to find breast cancer at its earliest stages–long before you or your doctor can feel a lump.  Having regular mammograms is the best way to detect abnormalities early.  Unlike other medical offices, Northern Radiology Imaging has flexible and extended hours.  We are committed to making screening mammography fit into your day-to-day routine.

Call our friendly scheduling staff at 315-786-5050 to schedule your next screening mammogram today!


Introducing our Philips Ingenia 3T MRI

Exciting things are happening at Northern Radiology Imaging!  On March 13, 2017, we officially started scanning patients on our brand new, state of the art Philips Ingenia 3T MRI.  With a large bore, ambient lighting, and digital video experience, you can relax in comfort while your images are being taken on the most advanced 3T MRI in the North Country.  Northern Radiology Imaging participates with all major insurances, including Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, Fidelis, POMCO, and many, many more.  Our friendly staff and highly skilled radiologists are committed to making sure that you are getting the high quality healthcare that you need and deserve.  With ample free parking, a large comfortable waiting room, a children’s play area, and flexible evening hours, Northern Radiology Imaging meets all your imaging needs in a caring, friendly environment.  It’s your choice…tell your doctor!